Holiday Menu


A fully decorated room complete with linens, centerpieces, background music and holiday touches are included.

Hot Buffet Dinner

present$11.95 per person + tax (50 or more guests).  Our hot buffet dinner includes one main meat choice, two hot sides, and two side salads. We complete the meal with fresh baked bread, coffee and iced tea. You can add extra meat for an additional $1.50 per guest.


Hors d’Oeuvre

horsdv$12.95 per person + tax (50 or more guests).  We combine the choice of two hot and two cold appetizers in a colorful buffet accompanied by the sauces and dips required to complete this light and tasty meal!


Hors d’Oeuvre Before Dinner

$22.95 per person + tax (50 or more guests). $23.95 per person with extra meat choice added. We combine the full Hors d’ Oeuvre menu and the Hot Buffet to offer you and your guests a complete and satisfying dinner.

A 17% gratuity will be added to the above menus. You may limit gratuity to 10% by choosing disposable dishes.

Our eggnogg punch bowl is available. Non-alcoholic “nog” is $20.00 and serves 25,  we can spike your eggnog at the bar individually for $4.00 per drink. There will be a bar-tending fee of $100 to maintain bar services for your guests

. You may request a total cash bar, host bar tab, or provide your guests with drink tickets to be totaled that evening. We will be happy to tailor your catering and bar needs to your specifications. There will be a $100 security fee required for groups of 50 of more when choosing bar service.

Room Rental: $200 plus tax (Monday through Thursday)

Friday Rental: $300 plus tax

Saturday Rental: $600 plus tax

Sunday Rental: $400 plus tax

Room rental is limited to maximum of 4 full hours. Reserve additional time at $50.00 per hour. Additional time must be reserved in advance.